Building on its excellent reputation, Cuisines Beauregard has been advising customers and accompanying them in their kitchen and bathroom design projects for more than thirty years.

When a family business becomes a key player in the kitchen and bathroom industry 

Façade de Cuisines Beauregard, bureau de Granby, Qc

Cuisines Beauregard is first and foremost the story of a family that decided to put its expertise, dynamism and professionalism to work for the benefit of its customers.

1990-1998:  Five visionary brothers

Despite the unfavourable economic conditions in the country at the time, the five Beauregard brothers took on a significant challenge:  to launch a company and grow a successful business by offering high-quality services tailored to each and every individual customer. 
They settled into a 12,000-square foot space on Rue Simonds in Granby. Five years after Cuisines Beauregard was created, the company was recognized with the Granby Chamber of Commerce’s “Mérite-Action” Achievement Award in the category of “SME manufacturing company,” a clear acknowledgement of its success as a growing family business that was ahead of its time.

1998 – 2003:  The company reorganizes

In a move to accelerate production, Cuisines Beauregard decided that a reorganization was in order. The management of the business was entirely reviewed to ensure that the company could continue to remain a step ahead of its competitors. 
The objective was simple:  to increase production while also enhancing the quality of the company’s products and customer service. 
It was in this context that the concept of “Value Added Production” (VAP) was born, which in turn led to a restructuring of the production and manufacturing processes and the company’s administration, to ensure its continued ability to offer the highest quality products and services possible. 

2004:  Validation

Over time, Cuisines Beauregard affirmed its position as a principal player in the kitchen and bathroom cabinet industry, and the company was awarded the “Distinction Award” in the “large manufacturing company” category by the Chamber of Commerce of Haute-Yamaska and Region. That same year, the company also received the coveted recommendation of CAA-Residential.

2007:  Business development

Cuisines Beauregard’s head office had been in Granby since the company’s creation. In November, the company opened a branch on Place Nobel in Boucherville.

2010:  After 20 years of expert customer service, time for new management!

After close to twenty years of hard work and success, the Beauregard brothers passed the torch on to Jocelyne Giguère and Sylvain Brunelle. 
The goals of the new management team are perfectly in line with those of Cuisines Beauregard’s founders:  to offer quality, customized service while anticipating the needs and desires of their customers. 
Cuisines Beauregard undertook a complete revamping of its website, to optimize the company’s position in the digital universe.

The new partners also believed in the importance of community involvement. Working with youth was a natural fit for them, and they are now proud to sponsor a number of regional sports and educational organizations, including:

Baseball Granby http://www.baseballmineurgranby.ca/ 

Baseball Granby

2013:  Stepping into the 3D world – creativity and interactivity

Very much in sync with the latest digital developments, Cuisines Beauregard launched CBR Vision, an entirely interactive universe allowing customers to choose, design and decorate their kitchen or bathroom in a virtual environment, to ensure that their new kitchen or bathroom meets all of their expectations and fulfills all their wishes (colours, style, type of floor covering, backsplash, etc.). 
Visitors to our showroom were truly captivated by this experience, and all of our customers can now immerse themselves into their future kitchen or bathroom before making any purchase decisions!

Ahead of its time, elegant and of high quality:  Cuisines Beauregard introduces the Contur line of cabinets, much to our customers’ satisfaction.

2015:  25 years of experience... and many more to come!

Thanks to the expertise of our team and ongoing investments in the business, Cuisines Beauregard remains a leader in its field and continues to deliver excellence to each and every customer. We are also adapting our electronic storefronts to make them compatible with the various platforms used by our customers, in an effort to make their experience simpler, unique and friendly.

2015-2016 – Expansion of the plant and new building façade

Having returned from a business trip to Europe, the partners were inspired to take on a new project:  expanding the plant to add a new production line equipped with the very latest technologies available on the market. The project was completed in spring 2016:  the plant’s surface area is now almost double its original size, and we also took advantage of the expansion to give the front of the building a new look, one that perfectly reflects the great passion of the entire Cuisines Beauregard team:  design.

Agrandissement de l'usine de Granby Cuisines Beauregard

2017-2018: Industry 4.0 and the ECO-RESPONSIBLE™ Program

The company continued to be an innovator with its wholehearted entry into the fourth industrial revolution. Thanks to the integration of new state-of-the-art technology, the plant is now equipped with smart automation.

Committed to reducing its impact on the environment, Cuisines Beauregard joined the ECORESPONSIBLE™ Program, which was developed and is managed by the Council for Sustainable Industries (CSI), in order to become environmentally certified. This multi-stage process will be spread over a few years and is based on a global approach that reflects best practices in the area of sustainable development.

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In addition, Cuisines Beauregard continued to experience substantial growth, largely because of its acquisition of new markets.

2019: Automation and the ECORESPONSIBLE™ Program

The next step in setting up Plant 4.0 is automation, and we have invested $1.5 million to enable the company to embark on this undertaking. Automation will lead to improved production organization and more efficient use of existing resources. The processes adopted by the company will enhance the quality, productivity and accuracy of the work we do and shorten the manufacture time for kitchen and bathroom furniture that suits all requirements.

In addition, Cuisines Beauregard is dedicated to becoming ECORESPONSIBLE through its association with the Council for Sustainable Industries, and, in April of this year, we proudly obtained LEVEL 1 ECORESPONSIBLE™ Engagement Certification. Participation in this program attests to the company’s determination to conduct its day-to-day activities in a responsible manner through collective efforts aimed at improving quality of life and environmental stewardship.

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2020: 30 Years of Exciting Challenges

Cuisines Beauregard marks its 30th anniversary this year! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our observation of this milestone has been very low key but nothing can diminish the pride we take in looking back over all that the company has achieved during the past three decades. We will never tire of repeating that these 30 years of growth, accomplishment and excelling in the industry would not have been possible without the devotion of our employees. We are indeed fortunate to have a dedicated team that believes in Cuisines Beauregard and does everything within its power to ensure 100% client satisfaction! Our sincere thanks to our valued employees!

Needless to say, the pandemic has had a shattering effect on us, as well, and never have our team members exerted such enormous efforts. In spite of the various constraints, health rules, supply challenges and the absence of some of our colleagues, all team members have unleashed their creative potential so that they could catch a glimpse of the smiles of our satisfied clients (or at least imagine these smiles through their face coverings!).

In the fall, the Association of Manufacturers and Retailers of the Quebec Kitchen Industry (AFDICQ) launched the Signée Québec - Kitchen - Bathroom seal. As a member of this business combination, Cuisines Beauregard proudly displays the brand new symbol, which aims to:

  • Promote the know-how of Quebec’s local cabinet manufacturers;
  • Communicate the dynamism, professionalism and quality of products made in Quebec.

As a company established in Granby for 30 years and in Boucherville for nearly 15 years, Cuisines Beauregard recognizes the importance of an initiative aimed at promoting the work of Quebec companies.

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What’s coming up 2021-2022?

With a view to improving our 4.0 plant and in order to ensure the continuity of our sustainable development approach, we will be making significant investments aimed at enhancing our manufacturing processes and the quality of work life for our employees.