Kitchen and bathroom products

From solid wood to drawers to accessories, the choices are endless. Here is our list of the kitchen and bathroom products we offer, all carefully chosen for you.

Veneered wood cabinets


  • Contemporary and/or urban style
  • Less expensive than solid wood
  • Easy to maintain
  • Large selection of shades available
  • Wide selection of exotic woods available

Here are a few of the available colours

  • 1042A
  • 1070A
  • 1081A
  • 108-A
  • 309-A
  • 408-A
  • 526A
  • 651-A
  • 693-GL
  • 776
  • 776B
  • 77-A
  • 82
  • 823
  • 838
  • 856A-gl
  • 866-GL
  • 885A
  • 887
  • 91 1/2
  • 997A-GL
  • B1000
  • B1129
  • B1130
  • B1131
  • B231GL
  • B574
  • B577
  • B596GL
  • B598
  • B735GL
  • B747GL
  • B779
  • B780GL
  • B786
  • B821
  • B956GL
  • B970
  • Naturel

Real wood veneer for your kitchen

Typically made of wood that is native to Quebec, or other exotic woods, real wood veneer is the result of a specific slicing process that involves turning a log against a long, sharp blade, thereby “peeling” a thin sheet of real wood. These sheets (or slices) are then glued onto a relatively rigid panel, depending on the design that was chosen for the cabinet door or its end use.
Not only is veneered wood eco-friendly, but it is also easier on your pocketbook than solid wood, while still providing excellent quality.
An exceptional selection of woods are available, all perfect for your kitchen or bathroom.

Real wood veneer is available in the following types of wood:  cherry, white oak, red oak, maple, white ash, brushed ash, yellow birch, cherry birch, walnut, pine and wenge.

Another option for your kitchen:  Evolution HD wood veneer

Made from the wood of three species of trees found in Africa, Evolution HD wood veneer, in addition to significantly reducing your ecological footprint, is the perfect choice because of its extremely precise grain patterns and the uniformity of its colours.
Greatly appreciated for its flexibility, Evolution HD wood veneer can easily be shaped to mould to any curved surface. The possibilities are almost endless!
And when it comes to woods, the choice is yours! 

Evolution HD wood veneer is available in the following woods:  mahogany, rosewood, zebra wood, cherry, white oak, Macassar ebony, maple, black ash, walnut, Sapele ribbon, VG fir, teak and wenge.

To discover our full range of products, please visit our showrooms or contact us to make an appointment.