Kitchen and bathroom products

From solid wood to drawers to accessories, the choices are endless. Here is our list of the kitchen and bathroom products we offer, all carefully chosen for you.

Blown glass countertop


  • Maintains its shine and luster
  • Smooth and resistant surface
  • Excellent anti-bacterial properties

An unbelievably beautiful look for your kitchen or bathroom 

Do you want to create a gorgeous and stylish effect in your kitchen or bathroom space? If so, why not choose a blown glass countertop! With its smooth, coloured and radiant surface, a blown glass countertop will suffuse your kitchen or bathroom with an atmosphere of serenity, while at the same time lending it a resolutely modern look. 
Decoratively, this is the ideal choice for those who wish to create a Zen-like atmosphere of relaxation and well-being. Whether you choose to use a glass surface as a decorative shelf, a work top, a lunch counter or even as an accent piece on your vanity, it will always make a stylish and beautiful addition to your room.

The virtues of blown glass


In addition to its very popular use in urban-style designs, blown glass is also well-recognized for its anti-bacterial properties. When you choose a countertop made of blown glass, you can look forward to enjoying its impeccable qualities and remarkable shine for many long years to come. 

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