Kitchen and bathroom products

From solid wood to drawers to accessories, the choices are endless. Here is our list of the kitchen and bathroom products we offer, all carefully chosen for you.

Ceramic tile countertop


  • Customized design (mosaic, checkerboard, etc.)
  • Installation of the base structure only (ceramic countertop installation not included)
  • Wide array of colours to match the range of colours you’ve chosen for your ceramic tiles

A customized countertop for your kitchen

Are you looking to create a custom look for your kitchen, by installing an original ceramic countertop? Cuisines Beauregard can help you by building a plywood structure that will fit perfectly with the thickness of the ceramic top you’ve chosen. Why not create a design all your own, in a mosaic or a checkerboard pattern, and in a range of colours that will complement your kitchen? A ceramic countertop will definitely add an individual and unique touch of quality and style to your kitchen. 

Installing your ceramic countertop

Although Cuisines Beauregard installs the plywood structure for your countertop, we do not install the countertop itself, which must be done by a professional installer. 
Come in to our showrooms to discuss this option with our kitchen design experts. They will be happy to guide you through the process. 

To discover our full range of products, please visit our showrooms or contact us to make an appointment.