Kitchen and bathroom products

From solid wood to drawers to accessories, the choices are endless. Here is our list of the kitchen and bathroom products we offer, all carefully chosen for you.

Laminate countertop


  • Durable
  • An affordable choice
  • Option to add a Corian® edge
  • Available in a wide selection of colours and finishes

Here are a few of the available colours

  • 1841K-45_DesertPassage.jpg
  • 1849K-35_LunaFrost
  • 1866K-55_SalentinaRosso
  • 1874K-35_Winter_Carnival
  • 3420fx-46_Formica180fx_DolceVita_FS
  • 3422FX-RD_Formica180fx_CremaMascarello_FS
  • 3446-RD
  • 3450-RD_Mineral_Jet
  • 3460FX-46 180FX CalacattaMarble_FS
  • 3462FX-46_180FX_SlateSequoia_FS
  • 3522-58
  • AW141N
  • MR-120-V
  • P278CA
  • P285-CA
  • P-344-RM Inukshuk Grey
  • RK7002T Veto Proof
  • W-452-CA Sucre de Canne Fume
  • W-458-SRFilament du Rivage
  • WM0047T Iconic Maple
  • WZ6004T modern edge
  • Stratifié P1010-IM
  • Stratifié P394-VL
  • Stratifié P395-VL
  • Stratifié P397-VL
  • Stratifié WZ0056T
  • Stratifié WZ0057T
  • Stratifié W465-EV
  • Stratifié 4971K-52
  • Stratifié 4886-38
  • Stratifié FS6001T
  • Stratifié P1009-VL
  • Stratifié P1008-VL
  • Stratifié 1882K-35
  • Stratifié 6317-58
  • Stratifié 6319FX-RD
  • Stratifié 6320FX-46
  • Stratifié 6321FX-43
  • Stratifié 6362NG
  • Stratifié 6410NG
  • Stratifié 6416NG
  • Stratifié P1011IM
  • Stratifié P1012VT
  • Stratifié P396-VL
  • Stratifié P398-VL

Square edge laminate top for your kitchen 

Available in a wide selection of colours to match your tastes and your kitchen’s decor, a laminate countertop is a choice you will never regret making. And thanks to its simplified square edge, this counter also offers great layout flexibility.
Consider combining this material with Corian® … By playing with textures, you will create a truly unique piece for your kitchen or bathroom.

Another option:  A moulded edge

If the space you’re working with has predefined measurements, a moulded edge may be the perfect solution for you. It’s the shape of the edge that is either moulded or square. You can therefore select an edge that is rounded, flat, slightly angled or with curves that are convex or concave. The backsplash can be rounded or cut straight, and its height can vary between 1 3/8” and 3 ¾“. 
Did you choose the Square moulded countertop for your kitchen layout? Its available in several different thicknesses, from 1 ¼” to 3”.

Note that our countertops are available with or without a backsplash. If you’d like more information, the kitchen design experts in our showrooms will be happy to speak with you.

To discover our full range of products, please visit our showrooms or contact us to make an appointment.