A personal space entirely dedicated to well-being, relaxation and taking care of yourself, your bathroom should be a perfect reflection of you.
Whether you want to create a Zen-like atmosphere, or prefer something more vibrant with flowers and colours, we have the designs and ideas that will make you wish you had more time in your day to spend in this room!

Contemporary melamine cabinets with the look of wood

The contemporary style cabinets in this bathroom are made of melamine. This material realistically reproduces the grain of real wood, conveying warmth and elegance to the entire space. In addition to the streamlined vanity cabinet, the furnishings include a vertically opening cabinet, a linen closet and a laundry hamper. And when it comes to decorative accessories, this room is definitely spoiled! The long shelf and panels installed on either side of the mirror add an undeniable touch of character and originality to the room. Because of its versatility and durability, laminate in a perfectly matching shade was the material of choice for the countertop.

A very effective imitation of wood

Many people find wood cabinets to have a calming, enveloping effect. Thanks to the variety of quality materials offered on the market today, even if you cannot afford solid maple or walnut cabinets, you can still create the proud and organic look of wood, at a price that will suit your budget.

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