A personal space entirely dedicated to well-being, relaxation and taking care of yourself, your bathroom should be a perfect reflection of you.
Whether you want to create a Zen-like atmosphere, or prefer something more vibrant with flowers and colours, we have the designs and ideas that will make you wish you had more time in your day to spend in this room!

Wood cabinets in a chocolate brown tone

The bathroom vanities and wall unit have been carefully crafted in birch wood veneer. Their dark tone creates a beautiful contrast with the light colour of the room. To complete the design, a thick, solid birch wood counter has been topped in glass, adding a lustrous shine to the surface, a clear nod to the glass shower doors just a few steps away! The plain, wood-framed mirrors harmonize perfectly with the overall urban design of this bathroom.

Clean, modern look

A design that combines pure lines with maximized storage and convenience! Two free-standing vanities set the tone for this urban and airy plan. The tall cabinet to the side of the vanity adds substance to the overall look and helps create a harmonious balance.


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