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Beauregard Kitchens is proud to display the brand new Signée Québec - Cuisine  Salle de bain seal.

Cuisines Beauregard – Proudly Made in Quebec

14 December 2020 |News Cuisines Beauregard

Beauregard Kitchens is proud to display the brand new Signée Québec - Cuisine ■ Salle de bain seal. Recently launched by the Association of Manufacturers and Retailers of the Quebec Kitchen Industry (AFDICQ), this seal is a powerful unifying symbol.

An association of Quebec companies working in the kitchen cabinet industry, the AFDICQ uses this new flagship symbol in carrying out its primary objectives, i.e.:

  • Promoting the know-how of Quebec’s manufacturers of kitchen cabinets
  • Communicating the dynamism, professionalism and quality of products manufactured in Quebec

Established in Granby for more than thirty years and in Boucherville for nearly fifteen years, Cuisines Beauregard recognizes the importance of the Signée Québec movement in promoting the value of the work carried out by Quebec companies.

"When consumers buy uniquely designed cabinets or integrated furniture of high quality manufactured in Quebec, they are making an extremely sensible and responsible choice," says Jocelyne Giguère, President of Cuisines Beauregard.

Reasons to opt for a kitchen with the Signée Québec - Cuisine ■ Salle de bain

Consumers have a number of good reasons to choose a kitchen or bathroom with the Signée Québec seal; these include:

  • product creativity and design
  • quality of the work
  • promotion of local, regional or Quebec shopping
  • encouraging job creation
  • competitive pricing

Various communication tools will be deployed over time to acquaint consumers with the new seal and to maximize awareness of the work of Quebec’s cabinet manufacturers.

The next time you visit our showrooms in Granby or Boucherville, you will easily spot the Signée Québec seal.

Demand a Quebec-made kitchen or bathroom – and insist on the Signée Québec seal of authenticity.