Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and it should be as functional as it is beautiful!
Classic, urban or country … whichever style you wish to create, we have the solution that is perfect for you!

An homage to wood

Wood is without a doubt the predominant feature in this beautiful kitchen with its country accents. This highly practical kitchen design incorporates specific and well-defined areas for storage, cleaning, preparation and cooking, with each individual section offering all the conveniences and amenities its users could dream of. The use of lighting in this kitchen is particularly effective, with every individual area receiving exactly the amount of light it needs.

Highly functional island

A large island in wood sits at the centre of the kitchen, providing abundant storage space and featuring an integrated sink, an especially useful and much appreciated amenity when it comes time to prepare meals.

Multiple countertops, multiple personalities

This kitchen features a number of separate countertops, of different shades and materials. The island’s warm-toned maple butcher’s block offsets the formality of the dark, chic countertop installed on the main portion of the island cabinet. Adding a contemporary, modern touch to a warm country design could not be any simpler.

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