Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and it should be as functional as it is beautiful!
Classic, urban or country … whichever style you wish to create, we have the solution that is perfect for you!

Contemporary kitchen in decorative laminate

This kitchen features a number of cabinets in different shapes and sizes. Some are standard, others open vertically, but they are all made of the same decorative laminate. Light grey and white combine to create a look of harmony. The  white ceramic and stainless steel mosaics in the backsplash provide added brightness. The countertop is quartz Chrome, from the Platinum Series by Silestone, blending in perfectly with the kitchen’s cabinets.

Accessories that make a difference

The cabinets and drawers in this bright kitchen overflow with accessories, each one more practical than the other. Specialty hardware components have been integrated into the cabinets to facilitate access to cupboards, maximize drawer storage space, or make the space more functional. Their efficiency and ease of use will make your life easier, every day!

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